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Car Towing Services

Helping Your Car With Car Towing Services

Are you stuck on the roadside and need assistance with towing your car? We are happy to come to the rescue with our car towing services. Get in touch with us now

At SSS Towing, we provide car towing services that are affordable and reliable. Furthermore, we use the techniques and machinery that comply the highest industry standards. We can tow your vehicle damage free to your required destination. Our fleet of towing vehicles consists of the latest in Tilt trays with quick lash tie down system. This modern system lets us transport your vehicle safely. If you let us tow your vehicle, you can rest assured that the vehicle will be in safe hands.

Let us come to the rescue next time your vehicle breaks down or you have an accident

Our drivers are experienced professionals and you will find them extremely apt at transporting cars. Being one of the leaders in the towing industry, we can move different types of cars such as taxis, 4WD, private cars as well as fleet cars.

How our car towing services different from those offered by other towing companies?

We are not like most towing companies; at SSS Towing, we take the customer’s distress seriously. When we commit that we will be with you within a certain time period, we will be with you within that time. For instance, if we promise to be with you in twenty minutes, we will be there in twenty. At SSS Towing, we understand that time passes quite slowly for a stranded and distressed customer.

We provide car towing services that tow away not just your car but your worries as well

We understand fully that a car or any similar vehicle is an expensive piece of machinery. Furthermore, different types of vehicles need to be towed using different techniques, our drivers are well aware of this fact. For this reason, it is important to find the right company. The right company saying they can tow all kinds of cars but they may often end up damaging your car.

Our only promise is to move your car safely without any damages

We make only one promise at SSS Towing; we will move your car in the condition you’ll give it to us. We completely understand the effect the right towing company can have on your vehicle. Furthermore, we know that many vehicles like a Constant 4 wheel drive should be moved on a Flat Bed Truck or Tilt Tray. While the front wheel drive cars should be raised from the front end. Front and Rear wheel drive cars should always be lifted from the rear end to prevent any damage to the gearbox.

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What are you waiting for? Give us a Call now for a quote at 0417 423 566. If you would like more information, you can also drop us an Email at ssstowing@bigpond.com, our representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

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