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Light Truck Towing

Providing Low Cost Light Truck Towing Service Nationwide

Has your car stopped moving? We can help you move it!

If your car has broken down, is submerged in mud, or is stuck for any other reason, we can help you recover your vehicle with our state of the art light truck towing service. Our drivers are professionally trained and equipped to tow away any light vehicle. We can tow away accidented cars, motorcycles and scooters. In addition, if a vehicle is in a condition that it cannot be driven, that too can be towed away.

Your car cannot be driven, we will tow it away

For instance, when you have a flat tyre or a dead battery, you cannot drive your car or light truck to the nearest mechanic. We suggest you get in touch with us. We will tow away your vehicle to your required destination. This destination can be the workshop of your mechanic or your own house. In addition, we promise our customers that we will safely deliver your vehicle to its destination. We ensure that your vehicle reaches its destination in the condition we picked it up.

At SSS Towing, we know that this is of paramount importance when you are under insurance. Our drivers are friendly and professional who ensure that the customer is completely at ease with them. We know that when a customer is stressed about its situation, their patience level may run a bit low because of the situation.

We can assure you that we are there to help and not judge

We know that a light truck is easier to tow than a heavy vehicle but it still requires a certain level of expertise. If you are on the lookout for a truly professional service, we suggest you stop your search and look no further. Just give us a call and we will give you the most attractive quote for light truck towing in the Banksia and Sydney. We believe that a quote for any service should be attractive and honest.

Hidden charges are bad for customer relationships

At SSS Towing, we believe that the quote should not have any hidden charges as such charges are bad for customer service. We feel that it is important to develop a relationship of trust with the customer. We ensure that there is no unfair profiteering when we commit a price to the customer. Plus, it is important that the customer does not have to wait unnecessarily for a light truck towing service. We will be at your side to tow away your vehicle as soon as possible.

Our 24-hour roadside assistance is reliable

SSS Towing offers 24-hour roadside assistance which is extremely reliable. We have an emergency hotline in place to attend emergency calls and dispatch towing to the customers. When you speak to our representative, just give them the make and model of your truck, try and give the exact location and ask for a quote. We will send you a vehicle suitable for light truck towing.

Contact us now, we are only a phone call away

You will be pleased to know that we are only a phone call away. So, give us a Call now at 0417 423 566. You can also drop us an Email at ssstowing@bigpond.com.

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