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Long Distance Towing

Offering Long Distance Towing On Affordable Rates

Moving house? Need to move your car? Get in touch with us now for long distance towing

At SSS Towing, we offer a variety of towing services. Other than regular towing services, we also offer long distance towing. We know that such services are not only required in case of an emergency but on a happy occasion as well. For instance, our customer could be moving house and need to make arrangements for their car or truck. You cannot drive your car across that distance, you will need to hire a towing service and we can proudly say that we have extensive experience in towing vehicles over long distances.

We provide confident quotes without any hidden charges or obligation

Sometimes, our customers may travel by air to their new home and it is too expensive to move your car by air. In this situation, you can have it towed by road. We promise to move your vehicle safely across the Australia. You will be pleased to know that our services are affordable and we believe in complete transparency when it comes to pricing. When you ask us for a quote, we provide the quote that is free of any hidden charges.

Our equipment is relevant and suitable for the job

We use flatbeds for long-distance towing. Our flatbed apparatus accommodates the entire vehicle piggyback. Whether your vehicle is broken down or has been in an accident, or you just need to move it, our flatbed apparatus will easily do it for you. The flatbed has a metal surface that is lowered to the ground and the vehicle is driven onto it if it is in a drivable condition. However, if the vehicle is not in a drivable condition, it will be drawn onto the truck by a winch.

All this will be performed by our professional drivers who are operators as well. You will find our drivers to be very friendly as well. Once your vehicle is securely mounted on a flatbed, our long distance towing service will tow your vehicle to its destination. We ensure that your vehicle reaches the desired location safely and at your specified time.

Become a member of one of the world’s largest associations of recreational boaters

In addition, one of the best things about availing a service at SSS Towing is that we are a membership organisation. When you avail our services at SSS Towing, you become a member of one of the world’s largest association of recreational boaters. This association consists of more than half a million boaters. So if you are a boating enthusiast and would like big savings on your membership, we suggest you contact us now and become a member with our towing service.

Contact us now for huge savings on long distance towing

For more details on our service, Contact us now on 0417 423 566. You can get in touch with us by dropping us an Email at ssstowing@bigpond.com and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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